Coastal Aromatics - Driftwood

Coastal Aromatics - Driftwood

$ 38.00 USD

The most powerful sense for recalling memories is our sense of smell.  With that in mind, we designed and handcraft our Coastal Aromatic scents with the intention of transporting you to summer days and nights on the Cape.

Step into a sanctuary of grounded tranquility with our captivating 'Driftwood' blend, which combines the sun-warmed scent of Teak with the comforting embrace of Cedarwood.  A calming and reassuring essence that reminds us of long walks on the beach and the driftwood art that finds its way to shore. 

Includes a set of 5 natural fiber reeds.

Each 8oz bottle is mixed in-house to our own recipe from fair trade, eco friendly and 100% vegan ingredients.