To enjoy years of use from your pizza stone, please follow these instructions for the use and care of your stone.


Do not subject pizza stone to rapid temperature changes.  Rapid changes in temperature creates "thermal shock" and may cause your stone to crack.  Place the stone in a cold oven and bring it up to temperature as the oven preheats.  Like wise, do not remove the stone from the oven until it has cooled to room temperature.

Do not use the same stone to cook AND serve your pizza. If you would like to cook with your stone, preheat the stone as stated above and use a pizza peel to create and transfer your pizza in and out of the oven.  Or cook your pizza by other means, or with another stone, and transfer the cooked pizza onto your Chatham Pottery stone.

Minimize handling. Moving in and out of the oven can cause cracking.  If you are going to cook often with your stone, it is best to leave it in the oven.

Handle carefully. Any kind of drop or impact will cause the stone to crack.  Some cracks may occur that are not visible, but will develop over time.

Do not wash or oil your stone. Trapped moisture can cause your stone to crack.  After use, wipe with a clean, dry towel to remove oil and food particles.

Use only dough that is room temperature or warmer.  Do not place cold or frozen items on the pizza stone


Don't cook frozen pizzas on your pizza stone. Ever.

Do not cook pizzas above 450 degrees F.