Caribbean Blue and Yellow - Utensil Holder

Caribbean Blue and Yellow - Utensil Holder

$ 68.00 USD

Imagine all the kitchen utensils you use on a regular basis in one place.  Then imagine the ones you use on a semi-regular basis.  Go ahead, there's room.  Now add a couple of ones you rarely use but are just so over digging for in the drawer when you need them.  Our wide-mouthed, extra sturdy, and shamelessly beautiful utensil holders are up to the task.  

Say goodbye to picking-and-choosing which utensils get to be at arms reach and which ones have to be relegated to the drawer.  And say farewell to flimsy holders that topple over every time they're asked to surrender a utensil from their stingy grasp.  Then say hello to your new favorite kitchen helper.  

inner diameter approx 5" (base) 6.5" (top); height approx 7"

microwave and dishwasher safe